Sunday, April 20th, 2014

How to Change Your Luck


Want to know how to change your luck? Well pay attention because it’s easier than you’d imagine. Yes, it’s sort of semi-related to the Law of Attraction, but it’s got its shirt sleeves rolled up and is ready for work.

To most folks – who don’t yet understand how luck really works – it all looks like random chance (that’s why they call it luck… duh). But as you may suspect, there are things you’re doing every day that always and unvaryingly cause events that we call “good luck” or “bad luck.” Ready to find out which ones you’re doing?

It’s true that we often don’t even know we’re doing these things, but even if we do know, their importance may not occur to us. But what if you did become aware of the connection? So the question might occur to you: could you then…

Change Your Luck at Will

Yep, you bet you could.

There are a number of ways to get luck in your life, but today I’ll share just one of them with you. This one is so dead-simple, so easy to do, that you might be tempted to dismiss it with a casual “oh, I already know that.” If you find yourself falling into the “I already know that” trap, please stop yourself. Instead, ask yourself if you’re consistently putting it into practice.

It’s not what you know that changes your luck and your life; it’s how you use what you know. And ONLY that.

Here’s the Big, Magical Technique (note the touch of irony): Just choose to recognize the luck you already have. Do this every day, every hour. Do it so often and so consistently that your mind becomes trained to be aware automatically. We call this making a new habit.

Changing Your Luck

You know how, once you buy a particular car, you’ll suddenly start seeing that same model everywhere. Those cars were always there, but now you’re noticing them. That’s because your mind is now sensitized to that model. This is how our minds function. We see more of whatever we are sensitized to – including lucky opportunities. It really is as simple as being aware of good luck. That’s all it takes to see more and more of it.

This works for you in at least two ways. First of course, when you feel that you’ve already got some lucky things going on in your own life, you feel better about yourself. This is good, solid psychology, and in the helping professions they call this cognitive therapy. But you and I don’t need some Latin-derived, jacked up technical term to know that we’re simply changing our thinking. Nor to recoginze that it makes us more aware of other things that match the good luck we already have. (Ever heard the phrase “like attracts like”? This is exactly what they’re talking about.)

The result of this re-tuned awareness nudges us not only to begin seeing the good luck we already have, but to recognize more good luck when it comes our direction. This isn’t imagination, and it isn’t Pollyanna fluff. It’s actually sharpening your perception to see a different set of circumstances in your daily life.

For example: remember those optical illusion puzzles where there’s a picture hidden within another picture? You look and look, then suddenly it pops out at you, and after that you can see it anytime you want to. Well, that’s how the awareness of good luck works, too.

Create Good Luck out of Whatever Comes

I’ve heard so many people say that God, the angels or the Universe chooses to “bless” you if you’re good enough. But they’re stuck in magical thinking. They’ve connected the wrong cause-effect pair.

Sure, it’s important to be “good” and to do no harm to others, but not because good behavior is some kind of cosmic coin you’re paying into a Universal vending machine. That kind of thinking keeps the cause of your results “out there,” somewhere outside yourself.

Besides, you’ve seen enough “not good” people who are more successful than you, perhaps healthier and live to a ripe old age – you’ve seen enough of them to realize at some level that the “be good” approach (although it’s a good idea) isn’t the cause of good luck.

It has much more to do with expectations and actions than it does with the blamelessness of a person’s heart.

Face it, when you actively recognize your own good luck, and systematically, habitually open your awareness to more of the same, you’re creating a certain mindset. This mindset is tuned in to the opportunities that you used to miss. They’re always right there, just like the hidden picture in the optical illusion, but once you’ve developed the knack for seeing them, then the opportunities available to you vastly expand.

A friend once told me this story:

“One day my brother mentioned that he’s earning money from placing other people’s adverts on his website. I wasn’t yet interested in the Internet, and I could have just said ‘Oh, that’s nice,’ and let it pass on by, unnoticed. But I’ve developed the habit of seeing things in the light of good luck, so I asked my brother more about it. Now it’s a couple of years later, and about half my income is from writing for the Internet.”

Ever heard the old proverb: “If life hands you lemons, make lemonade”?

This is how a lucky person’s mind works – all the time. Every situation, every event, even if it initially appears to be “lemons,” contains more possibilities than the untrained glance can see.

And the way you start getting this mindset is to begin recognizing how lucky you already are, even in small ways. This makes your good luck immediate and real to you. This, in turn, opens your awareness to how these lemons – the ones that everybody else is complaining about – could make great lemonade. And although this whole idea may seem too simple, too childish even, it’s exactly, precisely how to change your luck.

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